The Plan

Phase 1: 2015

  • Establish at least 2 hives.
    • Use existing hives in Virginia Beach as seeds to split out new hives for the Orchard.
  • Clear blackberry brambles.
    • The blackberries will be integrated into the orchard, so they will be managed in a way that fits with the landscape and environment.
  • Plant 1 acre of permaculture berries and fruits.
    • We will use some of our existing plants in Virginia Beach, but we will also invest in plants from local nurseries.
    • This will include blueberries and blackberries, but also less common fruit such as paw paws, kiwi berries, goji berries, and wine berries. Diversity is key.
    • Use ground cover for nitrogen fixing and honey flow.

Phase 2: 2016

  • Establish at least 10 hives.
  • Set up a cabin.
    • This will probably be another 12′ X 20′ shed with a lofted barn. We will finish the inside and use it as a tiny house / cabin.
  • Plant an additional 2 acres of permaculture berries and fruits.

Phases 3 through 5 coming soon.

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