Our Philosophy

The foundation of our philosophy at Sweet Bee Orchard is that the Earth was given to us as a gift. It is our responsibility to care for the land and the soil, and to allow natural processes to flourish. We will use sustainable methods, such as permaculture design and biodynamics, to foster nature’s inherent ability to produce and repair. This results in a diverse ecosystem that not only sustains the land, but improves it.

In the orchard we will grow many varieties of fruits and berries, along with native trees and shrubs to form symbiotic relationships. Nitrogen fixers and ground cover will enrich the soil, and the diversity of plant species will provide a first line of defense against pests. Modern agriculture, whether organic or conventional, relies heavily on chemicals for fertilizer and pest control. A sustainable food forest, on the other hand, is patterned after natural woodlands and requires little to no supplementation.


Bee on Beach Plum

In the apiary, the same principles apply. No chemicals or supplements will be used in the hives. We will use only local bees from local stock. The bees are a perfect addition to the sustainable landscape. The orchard will provide food for the bees, and the bees provide pollination for the fruit. The wide range of flowering trees and shrubs will provide nectar and pollen throughout the growing season.

The beautiful result of this philosophy is a self sustaining system that produces amazing food. This isn’t food that is fertilized, sprayed, preserved, and shipped across the world. This isn’t super heated pseudo-honey with all of the beneficial attributes and flavors burned out of it. This is real food. This is natural food. When you taste it, everything else pales in comparison.

We are looking forward to introducing you to this new food experience.

-Bryan and Lianne

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